New version out!

January 23rd, 2009 by Henri

Hello again, it’s been a long time since last update. I finally got all my sourceforge things working and managed to scrape little time for doing Foxability Firefox 3 compatible. After short testing I found that I was able to do the FF3 compatible version with just minor changes to version 0.95. So version 0.96 is now ready and out, you can head to dowloads page to get it. I wrote also a small changelog, if you’re interested to see what’s changed (bugs fixed etc.). Also all future version will be developed for Firefox 3 only, so if you’re still using Firefox 2, you’ll have to stick with the 0.95 version.

All feedback and bug reports are welcome and you can also use our tracker for bugs and feature/support requests. With the testing I did for 0.96, all seemed to work as they should (excluding known bugs) so if you find any new bugs or weird things, please send me feedback or make a post to our tracker. I’m trying to see if I could fix some of those bugs and maybe make use of Firefox 3’s new plugin development features. I’d like to work on the tests adding-issue if it’s not too time consuming, but we’ll have to see with that.

First version out and WCAG 1.0 tests done!

February 6th, 2008 by Henri

The original message somehow disappeared from our database and I just found an empty entry. So I’m writing this in January 2009 and I’ll try to remember what I wrote a year ago. Also we’ve lost some of the pictures Foxability group added to their news posts, don’t ask me where they are… So we’ll just have to cope with that.

During fall 2007 project Kettu continued the work which Foxability project had started. Our goal was to make the extension a real usable extension and to write all the WCAG 1.0 tests for it. Now after 4 months of work we have finished our project. We are now releasing Foxability version 0.95 and WCAG 1.0 tests. The extension works in Firefox 1.5-2.0.0.x. I highly recommend that you take a look at the installation page and read the instructions from there. After you’ve managed to install the extension you can refer to the documentation that is supplied with the extension.

As said, we got a new project group and you can take a look at the group page to see all the members. Our group participated in a similar course in our university than Foxability group did. Tarmo from the first project was our technical advisor so we had a good teacher right in the beginning. Of course we had to learn the sourcecode what Foxability had written, but Tarmo helped us in the beginning and before we were total JavaScript geeks, taught us how we could start developing the extension and writing the tests. We were all JavaScript newbies but with lots of background from Java, C# and C/C++  we got the hang of JavaScript fairly easily. But I can say that still developing Firefox extensions is a bumpy road, there isn’t that much information available. Of course there are sites dedicated to help you but some of those are still in “beta” stages and they are just gathering the information. Or the sites are so old that you can’t trust all the information you get from there.

The site has also been updated with latest information, so remember to check all the pages. If you’d like to see the source code, just head to the subversion page and read on how to ge the source code. Our tracker has also been updated with all the remaining bugs and feature requests. Yeah, there are still some things  fix, nothing too big thought. Also if you want to contact us, please do so by commenting these news posts or by taking direct contact.

Test case requirements by WCAG and MobileOk are ready

March 12th, 2007 by Suvie

- Cheers! would I say. :) It’s time for our small researching pair to take the next step which would be specifying the test case requirements, writing test cases in pseudocode (Yaiks!) and familiarizing ourselves with EARL (Evaluation and Report Language). We gotta so lotta things to do, mmmkay.

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Kristiina’s first post

February 7th, 2007 by Suvie

Hi there! My name is Kristiina and I’m responsible for planning test cases for the extension – something that I’ve never done before but I’m happy to learn. I was the first project secretary and the second project manager. After Jani’s good work as the first project manager it was very pleasant to continue and develop practices onwards.

At the moment I’m studying WCAG 1.0 and JHS 129 recommendations for usable and accessible web pages and planning test cases which the boys are going to code.

Ok, gotta go. See u soon!

Some development can already be seen!

February 6th, 2007 by Tarmo

Hooray! We’ve actually made some development with our projects output. Here are the main windows in the UI:

Foxability extensions user interface - main window
Foxability extensions user interface - manage window
Foxability extensions user interface - manage window

Some slight changes are still bound to happen to the user interface but the structure is quite ready.

Class diagram

Today we also got forward the class diagram of the extension. Here is it:

Foxability extensions class diagram

a little joke

January 31st, 2007 by Jani

I’m very tired at the moment and therefore I’m going to tell you a joke!

There was a woman who found an old and rusty lamp from attic of her grandmother. Well, the girl began to polish the lamp because it was so pretty, but what do you know, a genie appeared from the lamp!

“AAAAH! Nice to be free at last! Now that you released me from my prison, I am going to give you one and only one wish. Use it wisely!”

Woman thought couple of minutes and said: “Ok. I’ll hope that there will be an eternal peace in Middle east.”

Genie shocked. “You can’t wish for that! They have been fighting there for ages! I’m powerful, but come on, not THAT powerful! Think something else!”

Woman paused a second and continued: “Wellllll, since you cant grant me that wish, I have another one. I hope that I’ll get a perfect handsome man. A man who never complains, man who loves cooking, cleaning and understands me. Man who doesn’t watch sports or drink beer, but spends his days by worshipping me. Oh, and he has to be a perfect father too.”

“Right. Let’s see that damn map again”, genie muttered.


January 31st, 2007 by Jani

Hello, My name is Jani and this is my very first post in this Blog.

I was first project manager of the project and let me tell you my friends, it wasn’t a walk in a park to get the big wheels turning! After my project manager season I have designed (and coded) the interface of our extension. You know, UML diagrams, use cases and such. The boring stuff that is :)
I consider myself as a VERY lousy coder, but it seems that I’m learning pretty fast. I have mostly coded with Java and C# before so Javascript and XUL are pretty easy to adopt. Now I am trying to learn how to use XPCOM interface. I have also tried to explore how Grease Monkey works (gggreat application!), but it’s kinda hard because the code isn’t commented very well.
I think this project is very important because there are lots of visually handicapped people out there who just can’t be ignored. An average homepage developer doesn’t really understand what it’s like to use web without visual abilities. This I can understand, but even some high technology companies are missing the point, not the mention the government. I hope that our extension will help developers to create web pages that are accessible and easy to use.

First post of the project

December 12th, 2006 by Tarmo

Hello World!

Indeed, hello. It’s Tarmo here writing. I’m the project techie. I write our first entry, because I can! The project itself has started pretty fast. We’ve been creating our imago and writing the project plan. I’ve been mainly, of course, dealing with the technical stuff, like this site.

The project

So what is this project for?

Our main goal is to create an extendable accessibility analyzing extension for Firefox.

Why we are doing this?

Of course, this is part of our studies, since this is a Jyväskylä university project, but there is a really demand for this kind of product. Website accessibility has become vastly increasing attribute for a common website. Since the web popularity and use has grown exceedingly, so that the goverments and counties are using them as media for the common public, the media has to be made available for everyone from everywhere. This means that the media has to be accessible using a mobile phone or even more exceptional means as speech browser. Help to develop such sites is thus needed and here our project comes to play. With the extension, which we are developing, your average web developer will be able to support the work for building an accessible website.

That’s it. Please do read more about our project in the future.